We offer a full range of production services and support. From the initial brainstorming phase all the way to screening and distribution, we have the skills and expertise to deliver.


Pre-production services

 At the initial, conceptual stage of a project we will meet with you to understand your vision and the end goal for your film. At this point we can assist with script writing, concept development, music choices, graphics, and more. This critical phase ensures that we share a clear vision of the project, allowing us to prepare an effective production schedule.



Once a clear treatment and shooting schedule has been agreed, we can begin filming. Our experienced camera crews are renowned for their energy and enthusiasm. We also have an extensive network of trusted professionals that we work with on a regular basis, so we can effectively manage everything from one-day shoots to multi-location projects. Our aim is to work as a team, combining our expertise with yours, to ensure that every project fulfills the brief.


Post production services

The post-production phase is where the project really begins to take shape.

Equipped with the latest studio hardware and software, our Post Production team edit the material, apply graphics, visual effects and sound.

We also provide regular updates to ensure that the project is successfully communicating your brand and story. You will always receive a friendly, supportive and professional service from our talented team of editors and crew, who work hard to keep our clients happy and consistently exceed their expectations..

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